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Bango Payments

Bango Payments connects the world’s leading merchants and payment providers through simple one-time integrations enabling them to reach even more consumers, broaden consumer activity and interaction and improve End User Spend (EUS) by enabling new and innovative ways to pay.

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For payment providers

Bango can connect your organization to the world’s leading digital content and marketplace merchants. Start accepting payments and increase your billed revenue with one integration.

For merchants

Connect to Bango Payments for access to hundreds of global Direct Carrier Billing partners.
Enhance end user spend and increase your marketplace and digital content sales by offering alternative payment methods to your consumers.

Version History

Deprecated Features

  • Speed & Scale

Our fast and simple integration and onboarding process enables you to discover and connect to new partners, configure payment routes and begin processing payments.
Our infrastructure enables lightning fast processing that can scale with the growth of your business.

  • Flexible Processing

Whether you process one-time payments, repeat or recurring payments, 1-step or 2-step processing, we can support your needs
Partial or multiple captures and refunds offer flexibility in managing consumer’s payments

  • Security & Resilience

Configurable rules and spending limits to protect against fraud and ensure compliance with local regulation
Verification and validation of consumers before processing payments
Secure APIs and security credentials that keep your connections and data secure
Scalable, multi-region infrastructure with built in resilience, minimizing the risk of downtime.

  • Performance & Growth

Our performance analytics and data insights can help you to realize your marketing and revenue goals. Enabling you to optimize your routes, recognize trends and plan for future events.