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Categories & Codes

When you terminate (cancel/revoke) an entitlement, you can provide a category, code and description as part of the API request. Please use the standard list of categories and codes shown below. The description can be anything you like.

CUSTOMER_CANCELLEDNOT_RENEWEDCustomer has not renewed their entitlement
CUSTOMER_CANCELLEDCHANGED_SERVICECustomer has changed content provider/service
CUSTOMER_CANCELLEDSUBSCRIPTION_CANCELLEDCustomer has cancelled the subscription
CUSTOMER_CANCELLEDADDON_CANCELLEDCustomer has cancelled the add-on
CUSTOMER_CANCELLEDEXPIREDScheduled cancellation by Bango (based on dateExpiry set during entitlement creation by the reseller)
CUSTOMER_CANCELLEDOTHERCancelled for any other reason
REVOKEDACCOUNT_TERMINATEDCustomer has closed their account with the reseller
REVOKEDSUSPEND_TERMINATEDSuspended entitlement has been terminated based on suspension terms
REVOKEDERROREntitlement created/activated in error, or there was an error during the activation process
REVOKEDFRAUDImmediate termination for fraud or suspected fraud reasons
REVOKEDIMMEDIATE_CANCELLATIONImmediate termination by the reseller scheduling end-of-period cancellations
REVOKEDOTHERRevoked for any other reason