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Getting started

Here’s what you need to do:

If you haven’t already signed up to use the Bango Platform, you need to do so before you can access and start integrating with our APIs. Contact Bango Support, providing the following information to be set up with credentials to access the API:

  • The name of your organisation
  • Contact details, including name, email address and phone number

Bango will then contact you with test credentials that can be used in our sandbox environment.

Use the API reference documentation on this site to integrate with the Bango platform.

Bango must certify your test results before you will be authorized to use API in production. You will be provided with different credentials for production once you have been certified.

Contact Bango Support to start activating partners. You may need a direct contract and Bango will need to see this to activate a route.

For each activated route in production, you should send some live proving traffic to ensure everything has been set up correctly.

Go live and measure your results. Bango provide regular reports and access to a Dashboard UI to enable you to make the most of your integrations.