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Digital Vending MachineĀ® Migrating to Bango

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Migrating to Bango

Manage all of your resale routes and existing entitlements through the Bango DVM to simplify and standardise your integrations.

The Bango migration process is simple to use as the file content follows the same json structure as the resale API. We also validate your import files to ensure the content will migrate successfully. You can continue to create entitlements on the new route while we are migrating existing entitlements across, and the migration process is very quick ensuring minimal disruption to your existing customers.

Our migration process captures the timeline associated to the entitlement (e.g. the date it was created, activated, suspended and terminated – depending on where in the lifecycle the entitlement is), but we do not support the migration of a full history of every change made to the entitlement. We import the current state.

Migration Steps

  • Your migrating route will be onboarded and tested in the usual way through our sandbox environment
  • Prepare your migration file based on the specification found here
  • We recommend doing a migration test run in our sandbox environment first
  • Upload your json file to an S3 bucket (this can be your bucket as long as we can read from it, or we can provide one for you). Please note that each file (even a reloaded file) must have a unique name
  • Tell us when the file is ready
  • We will import the file and validate the contents, as well as route compatibility, and feedback if there are issues
  • If validation is successful the data will be migrated
  • We have (configurable) error limits set for migration to stop the process if the error rate is too high (e.g. 10% error rate or 10 records fail in a row). This ensures we fail fast if there are unexpected issues and can feedback to you quickly
  • Following migration, if any records did fail, we will provide 2 files; a json file of entitlements that can easily be reloaded (after fixing any issues) and a file identifying the error associated with each entitlement. Partially migrated entitlements can be recovered (e.g. the entitlement was created but not activated) depending on the cause
  • You will be able to see your migration progress via our Dashboard. At the end of the process you will be able to validate that you have the correct number of pending, active, suspended and terminated entitlements