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Digital Vending Machine® Overview

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Bango’s Digital Vending Machine® enables you to connect to multiple content providers through a single integration, so that you can bundle or resell their products and services alongside your own. In Bango terms, we say that you are acting as a reseller.

Content providers generally present very different APIs, making it time consuming and costly for resellers to develop multiple custom integrations to resell products and services from multiple providers. Not only does each new integration take time and effort, there is also the ongoing need to keep your integrations up to date as content providers modify and enhance their APIs.

To help you, Bango provides a standardized interface so that you only need to integrate once. After integration, you can start creating offers and selling these alongside your own products and service from any content provider plugged in to the Bango DVM (subject to agreement). Your systems are insulated from any changes they might make to their APIs, and you also benefit from Bango’s reporting, reconciliation and analysis tools.