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Reseller Integration Testing

Reseller Testing Process

2-way testing with Bango Music

Bango Music is a test route provided by Bango that is automatically configured when we create your credentials in our sandbox environment. The Bango Music route works with mock response headers to enable you to test your integration to Bango without needing a test merchant connection.

For testing with Bango Music, please use the following API parameters:

  • merchantAccountKey: BANGO_US
  • productKey: MUSIC or MUSIC_PREMIUM (note that 2 productKeys are provided to enable you to test the update flow)

By adding a mock response header to your request, you can specify the response you want to simulate from the merchant. Please see Mock Response Headers for instructions on how to use this header as well as a full list of available response simulations.

Note that an entitlement is created in the Bango platform, enabling you to test the full entitlement lifecycle for a single entitlementId.

For a faster integration process, we have also provided an excel certification document, postman collection and postman environment to help you successfully execute the certification steps. These resources can be found in the Reseller Developer Tools.

3-way end-to-end testing for a configured route

When you are ready to start testing a route with a resale partner, it will be configured in the sandbox environment for end-to-end testing before being added to the production environment.