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Subscriptions Reports

Subscriptions Reporting

These 2 reports have the same column headings as shown below.

Report types

Active reportWeeklyAll active Subscriptions at the time of reporting
Change reportDailyAll subscriptions that changed status during the reporting period

Filenames have the format:



  • brand is your identifier within Bango.
  • type is one of:
    • ARfor the Active report
    • CRfor the Change report
  • frequency is one of:
    • W for weekly
    • D for daily
  • date is one of:
    • For weekly or daily reports: the start of the reporting period expressed as YYYY-MM-DD, for example 2020-08-17 for August 17, 2020

For example:

  • The filename XX_AR_V1_D_2020-08-10.csv is the Active report for the week
  • The filename XX_CR_V1_W_2020-09-25.csv is the Change report
Column HeadingTypeDescription
customerIdentifierUUIDThe customer identifier
entitlementIdUUIDThe entitlement unique ID
brandStringPartner’s identifier
MerchantAccountKeyStringThe merchant’s unique id in the Bango platform
productKeyStringThe id of the product/offer associated to the entitlement
offerKeyStringHuman readable Offer description
statusStringThe status of the Subscription.
resellerProductCodeStringReseller product Code, alphanumeric identifier.
resellerPriceStringPrice the reseller set.
offerEndDateDateDate the offer ends, specified by the Reseller.
autorenewStringSubscription AUTORENEW flag. (TRUE/FALSE)
activationDateDateDate the Subscription was activated by the reseller. May be empty
lastUpdatedDateDateDate the Subscription was lasted updated in the Bango platform
lastChargeDateDateDate the latest charge was sent out by Bango platform.
lastChargeAmountStringLast Charge amount sent out by Bango platform
nextChargeDateDateDate bango platform will send out the next Subscription charge
nextChargeAmountStringThe amount included in the next charge.
ceaseDateDateDate when Subscription was ceased.
ceaseReasonStringHuman readable reason for the ceasing of the Subscription
chargeStartDateDateDate bango first started to charge this Subscription
eventTypeStringThe event reason for the record appearing on the report. E.g. “SUBSCRIPTION_CREATION”
reportDateStringThe report Date
subscriptionIdUUIDunique Subscription Identifier

All dates are in UTC with the format: dd/MM/yyyy HH:mm:ss

  • Path for the CSV file and name will be generated based on the Report Type, the path is created and file is stored in S3 Bucket
    • Daily report:
      • "/<Brand_Name>/SubscriptionReports/Daily/<Year>/<Month>/<Day>/XX_CR_V1_D_<last_day>.csv"
    • Weekly report:
      • "/<Brand_Name>/SubscriptionReports/Weekly/<Year>/<Month>/<Day>/XX_AR_V1_W_<last_day>.csv"