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Correlation File Formats

Correlation File Formats

Input file format

Please provide your correlation files in the following format. For optional content, the column heading must still be present in the csv file.

Column nameType
CustomerIdentifier* String
EntitlementId* UUID
Status* String
ProductKey* String
CreatedDateISO 8601 timestamp string
ActivatedDateISO 8601 timestamp string
SuspendedDateISO 8601 timestamp string
ResumedDateISO 8601 timestamp string
ExpiryDateISO 8601 timestamp string
EndDateISO 8601 timestamp string
*mandatory fields

Output file formats

The four output files have the same file format as shown below:

Column nameDescription
EntitlementIdBango’s unique identifier for an entitlement
ExternalEntitlementIdYour unique identifier for an entitlement (if provided)
CorrelationResultThe result of the correlation. Possible values are:

OK: Entitlement data matches
Error: Extra Entitlement detected in Bango system
Error: Missing Entitlement detected in Bango system
Error: ProductKey is different
Error: Status is different
Error: CustomerIdentifier is different
Error: Multiple differences